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Question 1: [2] When Yi Songgye overthrew the Koryo Dynasty in 1392 and established the ________, he moved the Korean capital from Kaesŏng to Hanyang (modern-day Seoul) in 1394.
Korea under Japanese ruleKorean EmpireSouth KoreaJoseon Dynasty

Question 2: Located to the west of the city are the tombs of Kings Kongmin and Wanggon; twenty-four km north of Kaesong is Taehungsan Fortress, a Koguryo satellite fortress built to protect ________.

Question 3: The luxurious style of Kaesong cuisine is frequently compared with those of ________ cuisine and Jeolla cuisine.

Question 4: Kaesŏng (Gaeseong; Korean pronunciation: [kɛsɔŋ]) is a city in North Hwanghae Province, southern North Korea (DPRK), a former Directly Governed City, and the capital of ________ during the Koryo Dynasty.
KoreaKorea under Japanese ruleKorean PeninsulaSouth Korea

Question 5: The water supply system is established with 18 reservoirs including Songdo Reservoir built for agricultural advances and about 150 ________ as well as hundreds of dammed pools.
Kennet and Avon CanalBirminghamPumping stationRiver Avon (Bristol)

Question 6: In 1592, the 25th year of King Seonjo's reign during the Joseon Dynasty, Kim Yuk reconstructed the institution which was burned down by the Japanese during the ________.
Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598)KoreaHistory of KoreaKorea under Japanese rule

Question 7: The underground resources include gold, zinc, ________, fluorspar, limestone, granite, and kaolin.

Question 8: According to ________, when a castle was built in the site in 694, the third year of King Hyoso's reign, Kaesong was referred to as "Songak".
BalhaeSamguk SagiGoguryeoBaekje

Question 9: The dish is made by kneading a mixture of rice flour and glutinous rice flour with warm water, by shaping the dough into balls with either one pine nut or ________, by frying and coating them with syrup.

Question 10: Before the strength of Baekje was retreated to the southwest of Jungnyeong, Joryeong, and Asan Bay in 475, the area had been a part of ________ for about 100 years.


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