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Question 1: On June 29, 2005, the ________ passed a new Companies Act (会社法 kaisha-hō ?), which took effect on May 1, 2006.
Congress of the PhilippinesDiet of JapanSupreme Assembly of TajikistanNational Assembly of Thailand

Question 2: Capital must be received in a ________ account designated by the incorporator(s), and the bank must provide certification that payment has been made.
Islamic bankingCommercial bankMerchant bankInvestment banking

Question 3: English texts often refer to kabushiki gaisha as "________"; while this is close to a literal translation of the term, the two are not the same.
Dutch East India CompanyJoint stock companyCorporationLimited liability

Question 4: The other method is an "incorporation by offering," in which each incorporator becomes the ________ of a specified number of shares (at least one each), and the other shares are offered to other investors.
Commercial bankInsuranceUnderwritingInitial public offering

Question 5: In ________, the Commercial Code was amended to reduce the filing fee for all shareholder derivative suits to ¥8,200 per claim.

Question 6: The first kabushiki gaisha was the First National Bank of Japan, incorporated in ________.
197019671873March 4

Question 7: If there are multiple incorporators, they must sign a ________ agreement before incorporating the company.
PartnershipCompanies lawBusinessLimited partnership

Question 8: The articles must be sealed by the incorporator(s) and notarized by a ________, then filed with the Legal Affairs Bureau in the jurisdiction where the company will have its head office.
LawyerNotary publicUnited StatesEngland


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