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Question 1:
What is Kabul classified as?
Municipality and village
Municipality and town

Question 2:
What timezone is Kabul in?
Afghanistan Standard Time
South Arabia Standard Time
Northern Forest Archipelago Standard Time , a decimal time keeping system
US Eastern Standard Time

Question 3: Kabul's main products include munitions, cloth, furniture and ________, but since 1978, a state of nearly continuous war has limited the economic productivity of the city.
SugarcanePotatoSugar beetMaize

Question 4: Amir ________ was left in control of the country.
Abdur Rahman KhanAfghanistanHazara peopleKabul

Question 5: ________.
Star-BannerThe Boston GlobeTelegram & GazetteThe New York Times

Question 6:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Kabul?
Milton Duck Leon Vergara
City of Newport Beach City Council
Sid Espinosa
Mohammad Yunus Noandesh

Question 7: Kabul is over 3,000 years old; many empires have long fought over the city for its strategic location along the trade routes of Southern and ________.
SiberiaSouth AsiaCentral AsiaMiddle East

Question 8: GSM/GPRS mobile phone services in the city are provided by Afghan Wireless, ________, Roshan and MTN.
EtisalatUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi ArabiaQatar

Question 9: [11] Alexander the Great explored the area during his conquest of the ________ in 330 BC but didn't mention any city by the name of Kabul.
Seleucid EmpireMedesSassanid EmpireAchaemenid Empire

Question 10:
What is the leader of Kabul called?
Mayor of Punta Gorda
Town Mayor


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