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Kabbalah Centre: Quiz


Question 1: The current headquarters of the Kabbalah Centre in ________ was opened in 1984.
Long Beach, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesGlendale, California

Question 2: Kabbalah Centre teaches the Kabbalistic concept of ________.
SephirotGilgulEin SofQliphoth

Question 3: The Kabbalah Centre often cites Kabbalah as the inspiration for recent scientific discoveries, including The Big Bang, ________, atomic structure, and Newton's Third Law.
D-braneString theoryM-theorySuperstring theory

Question 4: This claim is historically inaccurate, as astrology was studied by Jewish scholars throughout the Middle Ages, though it was opposed by more philosophically inclined thinkers such as ________.
SoulAverroesMaimonidesThomas Aquinas

Question 5: One should primarily be concerned with their relationship with the essence of ________, rather than God Himself as He is beyond comprehension.

Question 6: The Kabbalah Centre is a ________ not-for-profit[1] spiritual organization with headquarters in Los Angeles, California that provides courses online and through its local centres.
527 Organization501(c)Charitable contributionCharitable organization

Question 7: [14], Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton [15], Nicole Richie, ________, Heather McComb, Zac Efron, and Lauren Conrad.
James Van Der BeekKirsten DunstMTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough PerformanceEminem

Question 8: ________ is not to be taken literally, as it is wholly a code, and can only be truly understood in this context.
Biblical canonNevi'imBibleChristianity and Judaism

Question 9: For example, when one is standing in line at the ________ for twenty minutes, it is not the person in front of him, but his frustration that is the enemy.
Maestro (debit card)InteracAutomated teller machineChina UnionPay

Question 10: When a woman's insides come into contact with a man's sperm, they are coming into contact with the essence of their ________ and are affected by this for several years.

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