Ka-Zar: Quiz

Question 1: [15] He then battles ________ for the first time.
Magik (comics)BelascoPixie (X-Men)Nightcrawler (comics)

Question 2:
Ka-Zar, Justice League and Thunderbolts (comics) are all:
Fictional hunters All pages needing cleanup 1997 comic debuts 1981 comic debuts

Question 3:
Ka-Zar, Dazzler and Love and Rockets (comics) are all:
1997 comic debuts 1965 comics characters debuts Fictional kings 1981 comic debuts

Question 4:
Ka-Zar, Tarzan and Black Panther (comics) are all:
Marvel Comics titles Marvel Comics characters with superhuman strength Jungle superheroes 1981 comic debuts

Question 5:
Ka-Zar, Batman and Spider-Man are all:
Fictional explorers Fictional orphans 1965 comics characters debuts All pages needing cleanup

Question 6: Ka-Zar fought and defeated Thanos in one of his many attempts to end life, and later sought the help of investigator ________ for assistance locating Zabu.
Echo (comics)Jessica JonesStan LeeIron Fist (comics)

Question 7:
Ka-Zar, Rani Lakshmibai and Revelstoke, British Columbia are all:
All pages needing cleanup 1981 comic debuts Converted comics character infoboxes Fictional orphans

Question 8: [8] He first battled AIM, and met the ________.
Marvel Team-UpMorbius, the Living VampireStan LeeMan-Thing

Question 9: Ka-Zar appears in his Ultimate form on the final page of issue #3 of ________, along with Ultimate Shanna.
Scarlet WitchUltimate X-MenUltimatesQuicksilver (comics)

Question 10:
Ka-Zar, Spider-Man and Deadpool are all:
Converted comics character infoboxes Marvel Comics characters with superhuman strength 1970 comic debuts Fantasy comics

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Ka-Zar)