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K-9 (Doctor Who): Quiz


Question 1: In the 1999 television series Queer as Folk (written by future Doctor Who executive producer ________), a K-9 model is given to the character Vince as a birthday present.
Journey's End (Doctor Who)The Stolen EarthRussell T DaviesJack Harkness

Question 2: K-9 is also seen calling out to the Doctor just before his regeneration in ________.
Companion (Doctor Who)The Five DoctorsCastrovalvaLogopolis

Question 3: In the novel The Gallifrey Chronicles by Lance Parkin, K-9 Mark II makes another appearance, having been trapped within the ________ since the events of The Ancestor Cell.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronologyTARDIS

Question 4: Interference: Book One by ________
Lawrence MilesBernice SummerfieldVirgin New AdventuresFaction Paradox

Question 5: The ________ novel Interference: Book Two by Lawrence Miles indicates that the Doctor built a Mark IV model sometime prior to the events of that book, but what happened to this unit is not stated.
Past Doctor AdventuresEighth Doctor AdventuresSam Jones (Doctor Who)Susan Foreman

Question 6: However, by the time the improved model made his debut in ________, the first story recorded for Season 18, the decision had already been made to write the character out of the series in the adventure Warriors' Gate.
LogopolisState of DecayCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)

Question 7: "The Star Beast" by Pat Mills, John Wagner and ________ (Doctor Who Weekly 19–26)
Alan MooreWatchmenDave GibbonsEagle Award (comics)

Question 8: A vision of K-9 is seen along with every other companion aside from Leela on the scanner screen in ________.
The Five DoctorsRevelation of the DaleksResurrection of the DaleksRemembrance of the Daleks

Question 9: Another unspecified K-9 unit also appeared in the 1993 charity special ________.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Doctor WhoDimensions in TimeCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 10: At the end of ________, Marius asks the Doctor to take K-9 with him, seeing him go with the final lines "I only hope he's TARDIS trained."
Companion (Doctor Who)The Invisible Enemy (Doctor Who)K-9 (Doctor Who)Underworld (Doctor Who)


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