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K'iche' people: Quiz


Question 1: K'iche' lay in a highland mountain valley of ________, and during this time they were also founded in parts of El Salvador.
MexicoCosta RicaGuatemalaNicaragua

Question 2: Their last military commander, Tecún Umán, led the K'iche' armies against the combined forces of Pedro de Alvarado and their Kaqchikel allies, in an epic battle in the valley of Xelaju (________).

Question 3: The highland K'iche' states in the pre-Columbian era are associated with the ancient ________, and reached the peak of their power and influence during the postclassic period.
Mesoamerican chronologyTeotihuacanPre-Columbian eraMaya civilization

Question 4: K’iche' was an independent state that existed after the decline of the ________ with the Classic collapse.
TeotihuacanPre-Columbian eraMesoamerican chronologyMaya civilization

Question 5: The Spanish conquerors have described the splendid towns such as Q'umarkaj (________), the capital of K'iche'.

Question 6: The meaning of the word "k'iche'" is "many trees." The word is broken into two parts, "k'i," meaning "many" and "che'," meaning "tree." The ________ translation is Cuauhtēmallān which gave the name to the modern Nation of Guatemala.
Mayan languagesNahua peoplesNahuatlMesoamerican languages

Question 7: The K'iche' were conquered by the conquistador ________ in 1524.
Pedro de AlvaradoGonzalo de AlvaradoHernán CortésJorge de Alvarado

Question 8: ________ closely related to K'iche' are Uspantek, Sakapultek, Kaqchikel and Tzutujil.
Mayan languagesAltaic languagesUto-Aztecan languagesBurushaski

Question 9: Their indigenous language, the K'iche' language, is a ________ of the Mayan language family.
Mesoamerican chronologyMesoamerican languagesNahuatlOlmec

Question 10: El Quiché is also the name of a department of modern ________.
GuatemalaNicaraguaCosta RicaMexico


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