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Question 1: Much of the sūtra was in untranslated ________ written in the Siddham script.

Question 2: Then in 826 he initiated the construction of a large pagoda at Tō-ji which was not completed in his lifetime (the present pagoda was built in 1644 by the third Tokugawa Shogun, ________).
Tokugawa IemitsuTokugawa IeyasuTokugawa HidetadaTokugawa Ietsuna

Question 3: Kūkai was born in 774 in the present-day town of Zentsūji in the province of Sanuki on the island of ________.

Question 4: During this period of private Buddhist practice, Kūkai had a dream, in which a man appeared and told Kūkai that the ________ is the scripture which contained the doctrine Kūkai was seeking.
VajrasattvaShingon BuddhismVajrayanaMahavairocana Tantra

Question 5: [1] Kūkai was born in a period of political turmoil with ________ (r.
Emperor NinmyōEmperor SagaEmperor HeizeiEmperor Kammu

Question 6: Biographies of Kūkai suggest that he became disillusioned with his ________ studies, but developed a strong interest in Buddhist studies instead.
ConfuciusHan DynastyConfucianismChinese philosophy

Question 7: Around the age of 22, Kūkai was introduced to Buddhist practice involving chanting the mantra of the ________ Ākasagarbha (Kokuzō).
MaitreyaAvalokiteśvaraGuan YinBodhisattva

Question 8: The year 809 also saw the retirement of Heizei due to illness and the succession of the ________, who supported Kūkai and exchanged poems and other gifts.
Emperor SagaEmperor NinmyōEmperor KammuEmperor Heizei

Question 9: The governor allowed the ship to dock, and the party was asked to proceed to the capital of Chang'an (present day Xi'an), the seat of power of the ________.
Tang DynastySong DynastyMing DynastyHan Dynasty

Question 10: When ________ had moved the capital in 784, he had not permitted the powerful Buddhists from the temples of Nara to follow him.
Emperor HeizeiEmperor SagaEmperor KammuEmperor Ninmyō


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