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Kāla (time): Quiz


Question 1: In Javanese mythology, Kala is the god of destruction, husband to ________.

Question 2: In ________, the gate to the stairs is adorned with a giant head, making the gate look like the open mouth of the giant.
Buddhist artBuddhismBorobudurMaitreya

Question 3: As Time personified, destroying all things, Kala is a god of ________ sometimes identified with Yama.
ImmortalityBurialDeathDeath and culture

Question 4: It denotes a fixed or right point in time (compare rtu, ________).
KairosByzantine calendarArguments for eternityEaster

Question 5: As a traditional Hindu unit of time, one kālá corresponds to the 900th part of a ________, or 96 seconds.
Gregorian calendarIslamic calendarDayCalendar


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