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Question 1: During World War I, the ________ was one of the largest naval battles in history.
Battle of JutlandNight action at the Battle of JutlandHistory of the United Kingdom during World War INaval warfare of World War I

Question 2: Typical of Jutland are the distinctive Jutish (or Jutlandic) ________ which differ substantially from Standard Danish, especially West Jutlandic and South Jutlandic.
Dialect continuumGerman languageEnglish languageDialect

Question 3: The largest cities in the German part of Jutland or the Jutland Peninsula are Kiel, Lübeck, ________, and Neumünster.
FlensburgDenmarkSchleswig-HolsteinSchleswig, Schleswig-Holstein

Question 4: The German state of ________ is part of the Cimbrian Peninsula but not part of Jutland.

Question 5: Before that, according to Ptolemy, Jutland or the Cimbric Chersonese was the home of Teutons, ________ and Charudes.
CimbriJulius CaesarHelvetiiGermanic peoples

Question 6: Jutland (Danish: Jylland; German: Jütland; pronounced /ˈdʒʌtlənd/ in English), historically also called Cimbria, forms the mainland part of ________.

Question 7: The German parts of Jutland peninsula today form the state of ________.

Question 8: Its terrain is relatively flat, with heaths, plains and ________ bogs in the west and a more elevated and slightly hilly terrain in the east.
SoilWater wellLandslidePeat

Question 9: ________, Randers, Kolding, Horsens, Vejle, Fredericia, Haderslev along with a number of smaller towns make up the East Jutland metropolitan area.

Question 10: In this pitched battle, the British Royal Navy engaged the ________ leading to heavy casualties and ship losses on both sides.
Bremen class frigateGerman NavyBerlin class replenishment shipBraunschweig class corvette


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