Justinian II: Quiz

Question 1: [2] He may have self-consciously modeled himself on his namesake, ________, as seen in his enthusiasm for large-scale construction projects and the re-naming of his Khazar wife.
BasiliscusConstantine IManuel I KomnenosJustinian I

Question 2: [2] In 687, as part of his agreements with the Caliphate, Justinian removed from their native Lebanon 12,000 Christian Maronites, who continually resisted the ________.
Arab peoplePalestinian peopleSyriaIraq

Question 3: After a preliminary strike against the ________ in Armenia, Justinian managed to augment the sum paid by the Umayyad Caliphs as an annual tribute, and to regain control of part of Cyprus.
IraqSyriaArab peoplePalestinian people

Question 4: In 687 Justinian transferred cavalry troops from ________ to Thrace.
TurkeyTurkish peopleIstanbulAnatolia

Question 5: In 695 the population rose under Leontius, the ________ of Hellas, and proclaimed him Emperor.

Question 6: The emperor ordered Pope Sergius I arrested, but the militias of Rome and ________ rebelled and took the Pope's side.

Question 7: [3] In spring 705, with an army of 15,000 Bulgar horsemen Justinian appeared before the walls of ________.
Hagia SophiaConstantinopleByzantine EmpireByzantine navy

Question 8: In 708 Justinian turned on Bulgarian Khan ________, whom he had earlier crowned Caesar of Byzantium, and invaded Bulgaria, apparently seeking to recover the territories ceded to Tervel as a reward for his support in 705.
Tervel of BulgariaSamuel of BulgariaAsparukh of BulgariaOmurtag of Bulgaria

Question 9: [3] Justinian renamed her Theodora, after the wife of ________.
Constantine IManuel I KomnenosJustinian IBasiliscus

Question 10: The repression succeeded, and the new ________ visited Constantinople in 710, giving in to some of the emperor's demands and restoring relations between the emperor and the Papacy.
Pope Boniface IIIPope ConstantinePope VigiliusPope Gregory I

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Justinian_II)