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Question 1: 554), a Magister Militum of ________ origin, and Justin II (b.
Armenian diasporaArmeniansArmenian Apostolic ChurchArmenian language

Question 2: His reign is significant for the founding of the Justinian Dynasty that included his eminent nephew ________ and for the enactment of laws that de-emphasized the influence of the old Byzantine nobility.
Manuel I KomnenosJustinian IBasiliscusConstantine I

Question 3: The information from the ________ of Procopius was published posthumously.
Franklin D. RooseveltAdolf HitlerAlternate historySecret history

Question 4: ca 520); ________; and a son (b.
Manuel I KomnenosConstantine IBasiliscusJustinian I

Question 5: Relying upon the accounts of the historian ________, it often has been said that Justinian ruled the empire in his uncle's name during the reign of Justin, however, there is much evidence to the contrary.
BelisariusProcopiusByzantine EmpireJustinian I

Question 6: The latter years of the reign of Justin were marked by strife among the empire, the ________, and the Persians.
OstrogothsOstrogothic KingdomByzantine EmpireVisigoths

Question 7: [3] He was born in a hamlet near Bederiana[4] in ________ (modern Niš, South Serbia).
NišBelgradeKragujevacNovi Sad

Question 8: ca 485) who was the father of ________ Germanus Justinus.
Second LieutenantBrigadier GeneralGeneral officerMilitary rank

Question 9: He held the rank of ________ at one time.
ExcubitorsByzantine EmpireTagma (military)Byzantine aristocracy and bureaucracy

Question 10: As a teenager, he and two companions fled from a barbaric invasion, taking refuge in ________.
Byzantine EmpireHagia SophiaByzantine navyConstantinople

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