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Question 1: In this incarnation, the membership consisted partly of heroes from Earths that, prior to their merging in the ________, were separate.
Infinite CrisisFinal CrisisOne Year LaterCrisis on Infinite Earths

Question 2:
Who created Justice League?

Question 3: Issue #21 saw the return of Libra and the Human Flame, setting up their appearances in ________.
World War III (comics)Final Crisis52 (comics)DC One Million

Question 4:
When did Justice League make his debut?
Brave New World #1
The Brave and the Bold #28
DCU: Brave New World

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Justice League have?
JLA writer
JLA: Act of God
JLA: Classified

Question 6: Also in the series, Luthor's new ________ was informally referred to as a "Justice League" in solicitations and on covers.
Infinity, Inc.SportsmasterAlan ScottSolomon Grundy (comics)

Question 7:
What format does Justice League follow?
Completed ongoing series
Finite ongoing series
Vol. 1: Ongoing series

Question 8:
When was the Justice League?
January 1997 - February 2006
December 2008

Question 9: ________ for Best Inker (Dramatic Division) (Dick Giordano)
Inkpot AwardAcademy of Comic Book ArtsNeal AdamsEisner Award

Question 10: They fight a deranged Skeets who takes Super-Chief's powers and kills him as well as numerous people given powers by ________'s Everyman Project.
Solomon Grundy (comics)Lex LuthorBrainiac (comics)Superman

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