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Question 1: The turquoise and purple colour scheme, as well as the armor of the operator suggest that the ________ was the one behind the robot's rampage.
Brainiac (comics)Lex LuthorSupermanSolomon Grundy (comics)

Question 2: His ________ is given as Scott Mason.
Jay-ZBeavis and Butt-headAlter egoMariah Carey

Question 3: Black Siren is a pre-feministic ________.
Black CanarySun Girl (Marvel Comics)Earth-TwoJack Frost (Marvel Comics)

Question 4: Green Guardsman resembles Alan Scott/Green Lantern, and where Alan Scott's power is ineffective against wood, the Green Guardsman's has no control over ________.

Question 5: These were ________ characters on the Justice League's Earth about whom Green Lantern read as a child.
Graphic novelComicsComic bookAmerican comic book

Question 6: It also bears more than a passing resemblance to The Village of The Prisoner and features an ice cream van which plays "________", a tune regularly employed on that show.
Punch DrunksPop Goes the EaselThe Three StoogesPop Goes the Weasel

Question 7: This is among the ________ episodes that pay homage to those writers, another being Superman: The Animated Series episode Apokolips... Now! which was dedicated to Jack Kirby.
Batman BeyondDC animated universeBatman: The Animated SeriesThe New Batman Adventures

Question 8: Catman amalgamates Wildcat and Batman; however, the Batman he resembles is closer to ________'s over-the-top live-action series from the 1960s.
American Broadcasting CompanyAdam WestBatman (TV series)Batman: The Animated Series

Question 9: This may be intended to counterpoint Golden and Silver Age naivety with underlying political tensions, such as the aforementioned ________.
Cuban ProjectJohn F. KennedyCuban Missile CrisisFidel Castro

Question 10: The episode ends with "Respectfully dedicated to the memory of Gardner F. Fox." ________ was a prominent writer of both the Golden and Silver Age era and co-created both the JSA and the JLA.
Gardner FoxGentleman GhostGorilla GroddFlash (Barry Allen)

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