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Question 1: Jus Exclusivæ (Latin for "right of exclusion"; sometimes called the papal veto) was the right claimed by several ________ monarchs of Europe to veto a candidate for the papacy.
CatholicismEcumenical councilBishopCatholic

Question 2: Papal conclave, 1740 – Pier Marcellino Corradini, by ________
Philip V of SpainFerdinand VI of SpainHouse of BourbonCharles III of Spain

Question 3: At times the right was claimed by the French monarch, the Spanish monarch, the ________, and the Emperor of Austria.
Holy Roman EmperorCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorLouis IV, Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman Empire

Question 4: Papal conclave, 1830-1831Giacomo Giustiniani, by ________
Charles III of SpainCharles IV of SpainAlfonso XII of SpainFerdinand VII of Spain

Question 5: Papal conclave, 1823 – Antonio Gabriele Severoli by ________
Ferdinand I of AustriaFrancis II, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph II, Holy Roman EmperorLeopold II, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 6: It does not seem to be related to a right exercised by Byzantine emperors and Holy Roman Emperors to confirm the election of a pope, which was last exercised in the ________.
Kievan Rus'Early Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 7: The most recent exercise of the right (in 1903 to exclude Cardinal Rampolla, who was close to being elected) was deplored by the conclave that elected Cardinal Sarto (________) instead.
Pope Pius XPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPope Pius IX

Question 8: Papal conclave, 1903Mariano Rampolla, by Franz Joseph I of ________
Austria–HungaryOttoman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireGerman Empire

Question 9: Papal conclave, 1730 – Giuseppe Renato Imperiali, by ________
Ferdinand VI of SpainHouse of BourbonPhilip V of SpainCharles III of Spain

Question 10: These powers would make known to a papal conclave, through a ________, that a certain candidate for election was considered objectionable as a prospective pope.
Catholic ChurchCrown-cardinalPope Alexander VICardinal-nephew


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