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Question 1: Therefore, though it exists, the right to ________ during jury selection cannot be employed much.
Jury selectionGrand juryJury (England and Wales)Death-qualified jury

Question 2: ________ Rule 2 says "[t]here is one form of action - the civil action[,]" which abolishes the legal/equity distinction.
Discovery (law)Federal Rules of Civil ProcedurePleadingService of process

Question 3: According to George Macaulay Trevelyan in A Shortened History of England, during the ________ occupation: “The Scandinavians, when not on the Viking warpath, were a litigious people and loved to get together in the ‘thing’ to hear legal argument.
Viking AgeDenmarkVikingViking expansion

Question 4: The ________ consists of three separate legal jurisdictions, but there are some features common to all of them.
CanadaWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: This decision was based on an 8:1 acquittal of Kawas Nanavati in ________, which was overturned by higher courts, on the grounds that the jury was misled by the presiding judge.
MumbaiKM Nanavati v State of MaharashtraIndiaGovernment of India

Question 6: This was because of widespread jury intimidation during the ________.
Bloody Sunday (1972)Omagh bombingThe TroublesProvisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997

Question 7: Similarly, jury trials were abolished by the government of ________ in 1960 (this was followed by Pakistan soon afterwards) on the grounds they would be susceptible to media and public influence.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia

Question 8: There existed in ________ a mechanism through which it was assured that no one could select jurors, called dikastaí, for their own trial.
Classical AthensClassical antiquityAlexander the GreatAncient Greece

Question 9: After the ________ they were abolished and introduced again in the Russian Federation for certain crimes in 1993.
Vladimir LeninRussian Civil WarOctober RevolutionRussian Provisional Government

Question 10: Eight peremptory challenges are allowed for both counsels for all offences in ________.
AustraliaNew South WalesQueenslandNorthern Territory

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