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Question 1: Because juries have no power to award ________, as they do in the United States, there is less incentive to call for a trial with a jury.
DamagesJudgment (law)PleadingDeposition (law)

Question 2: Because of the desire to prevent undue influence on a jury, jury tampering (like witness tampering) is a serious crime, whether attempted through ________, threat of violence, or other means.

Question 3:
What role did David Simeon play in the movie Jury?
Julian Spears
David Farrell
Mick Thompson
Steve Jackson

Question 4:
What role did Steve Adler play in the movie Jury?
Steve Jackson
Julian Spears
Mick Thompson
David Farrell

Question 5:
Who played John Bannister the movie Jury?
David Simeon
Steve Adler
Desmond McNamara
Richard Piper

Question 6: Penalties imposed by the court can include ________.
Capital punishmentLife imprisonmentLife imprisonment (England and Wales)Sentence (law)

Question 7: Outside government, a jury or panel of judges may make determinations in competition, such as at a wine tasting, ________, or talent contest.
LightingArt exhibitionBookSunlight

Question 8: In ________, a Civil Law jurisdiction, a "popular Jury" is present only in the Corte d'Assise, where two career magistrates are supported by six so-called Lay Judges, whom are raffled from the registrar of voters.

Question 9: In 2009 a review by the ________ regarding the possibility of reduction, [8] led to the decision to retain 15 jurors, with the Secretary for Justice stating that after extensive consultation, he had decided that Scotland had got it "uniquely right".
Scots lawScottish ParliamentScottish independenceScottish Government

Question 10:
What role did Desmond McNamara play in the movie Jury?
Julian Spears
Mick Thompson
Steve Jackson
John Bannister

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