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Jurisdiction: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________, each state has courts of general jurisdiction; most states also have some courts of limited jurisdiction.
ConnecticutU.S. stateMassachusettsColorado

Question 2: As a ________ system, jurisdiction is conceptually divided between jurisdiction over the subject matter of a case and jurisdiction over the person of the litigants.
ShariaCivil law (legal system)Common lawReception statute

Question 3: In the ________, the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution makes all treaties that have been ratified under the authority of the United States and customary international law, …the "Supreme Law of the Land" (U.S.
AlaskaPhilippinesCanadaUnited States

Question 4: This has constitutional implications in that many states operate on the basis of the ________ which requires that each branch of government operates as a check on the potential abuse of power by the others.
DemocracySeparation of powersSeparation of powers under the United States ConstitutionUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Supranational organizations provide mechanisms whereby disputes between states may be resolved through ________ or mediation.
ArbitrationLawsuitLawAlternative dispute resolution

Question 6: by way of remedies such as ________, to ensure that justice is seen to be done.
CertiorariAdministrative lawCommon lawWrit

Question 7: ________ - a different use of the word jurisdiction
Labor unions in the United StatesUnited States labor lawTaft–Hartley ActDemocratic Party (United States)

Question 8: Types of franchise courts included Courts Baron, Courts Leet, merchant courts, and the Stannary Courts which dealt with disputes involving the tin miners of ________.

Question 9: If the two sets of bodies do not have concurrent jurisdiction but, as in the case of the ________ (ICC), the relationship is expressly based on the principle of complementarity, i.e.
Command responsibilitySpecial Court for Sierra LeoneInternational Criminal CourtUniversal jurisdiction

Question 10: The Hague Conference and other international bodies have made recommendations on jurisdictional matters, but litigants with the encouragement of ________ on a contingent fee continue to shop for forums.
ShariaLegal educationLawyerCommon law


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