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Juniata College: Quiz


Question 1: Other off-campus sites include the Baker Peace Chapel (designed by ________) and the Raystown Field Station, a 365-acre (1.48 km2) reserve on Raystown Lake.
Washington, D.C.IndianapolisUnited StatesMaya Lin

Question 2: In 1876 it became the first college founded by the ________ and has been co-educational since that time.
Alexander MackSchwarzenau BrethrenEphrata CloisterChurch of the Brethren

Question 3: William Phillips, 1970, atomic physicist, ________, jointly awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997 for his contributions to laser cooling.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyBureau of Industry and SecurityNational Technical Information Service

Question 4: It is named after the ________ — one of the principal tributaries of the Susquehanna River.
Larrys CreekWhite Deer Hole CreekJuniata RiverChemung River

Question 5: Juniata College is a private liberal arts college located in Huntingdon, ________.
ConnecticutNew JerseyNorth CarolinaPennsylvania

Question 6: ________ Weekend, Established: 1923 — Homecoming features alumni reunion activities, sporting events, and a class spirit competition.
Missouri TigersHomecomingTexas A&M UniversityBaylor University

Question 7: Juniata was the first educational institution to have a contractual agreement with the ________.
United Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesIsrael, Palestine, and the United NationsUnited Nations

Question 8: Mountain Day, Established: 1896 — Mountain Day is the oldest tradition at Juniata and occurs on an unannounced ________ day.
WinterAutumnSeasonSpring (season)

Question 9: The college was renamed "Juniata College" in 1893 for the nearby ________ and its watershed.
Susquehanna RiverJuniata RiverChemung RiverLarrys Creek

Question 10: The Huntingdon ________ was established by a young Huntingdon physician, Dr.
IllinoisNormal schoolUnited StatesArgentina


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