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Juncaceae: Quiz


Question 1: They often grow on infertile ________ in a wide range of moisture conditions.
SoilLandslideClayWater well

Question 2: The ________ is usually a non-fleshy, three-sectioned dehiscent capsule containing many seeds.
FruitVegetableMedieval cuisineFlowering plant

Question 3: There are 8 genera and about 400 ________.
SpeciesEvolutionBiological classificationLife

Question 4: The Juncaceae, the rush family, is a rather small monocotyledonous family of ________.
FernGymnospermEmbryophyteFlowering plant

Question 5: The dried pith of plants of this family was used to make a type of ________ known as a rushlight.
Incandescent light bulbFluorescent lampCandleLighting

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