July 11: Quiz


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Question 1: 1302________ (Guldensporenslag in Dutch) – a coalition around the Flemish cities defeats the king of France's royal army.
County of FlandersBattle of the Golden SpursKortrijkBruges

Question 2: ________William F. Walsh, American politician

Question 3: ________Evgeny Baratynsky, Russian poet (b.
January 1518441900June 15

Question 4: ________Leisha Hailey, American actress and musician (Uh Huh Her)

Question 5: ________Bill Barber, Canadian ice hockey player

Question 6: 1921 – Former U.S. President ________ is sworn in as 10th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming the only person to ever be both President and Chief Justice.
Charles Evans HughesTheodore RooseveltJ. Donald CameronWilliam Howard Taft

Question 7: ________Barnard Hughes, American actor (b.

Question 8: ________Beverly Todd American actress

Question 9: ________León de Greiff, Colombian poet (b.

Question 10: The Canadian charter flight was ferrying ________ pilgrims on behalf of Nigeria Airways.

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