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Julian Koster: Quiz


Question 1: After legal threats from ________, they became Chocolate USA.
Miss America 2009Miss America 2007Miss America 2010Miss America

Question 2: The Singing Saw at Christmastime (Merge; ________/LP/FLAC; 2008)
Universal Media DiscMiniDiscDigital Audio TapeCompact Disc

Question 3: Smoke Machine (Bar/None; ________; 1994)
Universal Media DiscMiniDiscDigital Audio TapeCompact Disc

Question 4: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Merge; ________; 1998)
MiniDiscUniversal Media DiscDigital Audio TapeCompact Disc

Question 5: In 2008, Koster released The Singing Saw at Christmastime, a collection of ________ played on the singing saw.
Christmas musicBiblical MagiChristmas EveChristmas carol

Question 6: Koster is believed to be a founding member of Major Organ and the Adding Machine, first contributing a cover of ________ to the Kindercore compilation Christmas in Stereo, before releasing an album, Major Organ and the Adding Machine in 2001.
Bleeding LoveSarah BrightmanWhen You BelieveWhat a Wonderful World

Question 7: 2nd Imaginary Symphony For Cloudmaking (Self-released; ________; 2002)
Universal Media DiscCompact DiscMiniDiscDigital Audio Tape

Question 8: All Jets Are Gonna Fall Today (Bar/None; Cassette/________; 1992) (Originally released as Miss America.
MiniDiscUniversal Media DiscCompact DiscDigital Audio Tape

Question 9: After ________, Koster began to concentrate on his own solo project, The Music Tapes, for which he contributed banjo, singing saw, chord organ, and vocals, among other instruments.
Scott SpillaneNeutral Milk HotelJulian KosterJeff Mangum

Question 10: Koster joined Jeff Mangum, Scott Spillane and Jeremy Barnes to record the second Neutral Milk Hotel album, ________, on which he played bass, banjo and singing saw.
On Avery IslandJulian KosterHolland, 1945In the Aeroplane over the Sea


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