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Question 1: Those decades also produced models with ornate lighting, ________ and psychedelic effects, and other cosmetic improvements while the internal mechanisms remained moderately stable by comparison.
Post-discoFunkDiscoFreestyle music

Question 2: World War II and the ________ were over, so the new designs and sales choices reflected the festive mood.
United StatesFederal Reserve SystemGreat DepressionRepublican Party (United States)

Question 3: Coin-operated ________ and player pianos were the first forms of automated coin-operated musical devices.
Musical boxAutomatonSwitzerlandDrum

Question 4: These were soon followed in the 1890s by coin-operated ________.
Audio formatGramophone recordPhonograph cylinderPhonograph

Question 5: "Rock-Ola" is actually based on the name of the company founder, David Cullen Rockola, and is not a portmanteau of Rock and ________.
Gramophone recordRCA RecordsZonophoneVictor Talking Machine Company

Question 6: The highlight was a revolving ________ peacock color animation.
Polarization (waves)OpticsPolarizerRefractive index

Question 7: Seeburg Model "G" - This Jukebox is known as the "Happy Days Machine," as it was used in the sitcom ________.
Love, American StyleBlansky's BeautiesLaverne & ShirleyHappy Days

Question 8: [3] The ________ 78 rpm record dominated jukeboxes until the Seeburg Corporation introduced an all 45 rpm vinyl record jukebox in 1950.
E numberBeeswaxPolydimethylsiloxaneShellac

Question 9: Starting in the 1980s, ________ became the norm for modern jukeboxes.
Digital Audio TapeMiniDiscCompact DiscUniversal Media Disc

Question 10: [6] Today they are often associated with early ________ music, but were very popular in the swing music era as well.
JazzCountry musicRock and rollBlues

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