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Question 1: Paasikivi concluded that, all the fine ________ aside, Finland had to adapt to superpower politics and sign treaties with the Soviet Union to avoid a worse fate.

Question 2: Seeing that ________ did not intend to change his policies, he supported compliance with some of the demands.
Winston ChurchillJoseph StalinBoris YeltsinHarry S. Truman

Question 3: As a lover of sports, and a former athlete and gymnast, Paasikivi had the pleasure, during his second term of office, of opening the ________ held in Helsinki.
Baseball at the 1952 Summer Olympics1952 Summer Olympics1956 Summer Olympics2004 Summer Olympics

Question 4: In the summer of 1941, when the ________ had begun, he took up writing his memoirs.
Eastern Front (World War II)Vyborg–Petrozavodsk OffensiveContinuation WarWinter War

Question 5: After the gradual dissolution of the ________, and as it turned out that France and the United Kingdom were uninterested, Sweden was the only regime left who possibly could give Finland any support at all.
United Nations DayUnited Nations Trusteeship CouncilLeague of NationsParis Peace Conference, 1919

Question 6: As President, Kallio approved of ________ and appointed Social Democrats to the Cabinet.
United KingdomCanadaBicameralismParliamentary system

Question 7: In ________ Paasikivi strived for Swedish defence guarantees, alternatively a defensive alliance or a defensive union between Finland and Sweden.

Question 8: In 1934 he became chairman for the Conservative Kokoomus party, as a champion of ________, and achieved the party's rehabilitation after its suspicious closeness to the Lapua movement and the failed coup d'état, the Mäntsälä Rebellion.
AuthoritarianismDemocracyGottfried LeibnizJohn Locke

Question 9: He left this post to become Director-in-Chief of Treasury of the ________, a position he retained until 1914.
Viipuri ProvinceProvinces of the Grand Duchy of FinlandRussian EmpireGrand Duchy of Finland

Question 10: For practically all of his adult life, Paasikivi moved in the inner circles of ________'s politics.


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