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Question 1: This led to the ________ of Michael Goodyear, James Goodyear, and Bobby Joe Morris, and to the discovery that each man had been the victim of arsenic poisoning.
BurialDeath and cultureDeathCremation

Question 2: Nationally, she was the first woman executed in the electric chair since 1957, when Rhonda Belle Martin was electrocuted in ________.
KentuckyAlabamaGeorgia (U.S. state)Mississippi

Question 3: Judias "Judy" Buenoano (born Judias Welty, also known as Judias Goodyear, also known as Judias Morris) (April 4, 1943 - March 30, 1998), was a convicted ________ who was executed for the 1971 murder of her husband James Goodyear.

Question 4: Upon learning this, Gentry provided police with the "vitamin pills" which Buenoano had been giving him; these were found to contain arsenic and ________.

Question 5: According to prosecutors, she was motivated by insurance money when she poisoned him with lethal doses of ________.

Question 6: She was convicted of multiple counts of grand theft (for ________), and is thought to have committed multiple acts of arson (again, for purposes of insurance fraud).
MurderExtortionConspiracy (crime)Insurance fraud

Question 7: In 1971, she was married to James Goodyear (1934-1971), a sergeant in the ________.
Civil Air PatrolAir National GuardUnited States Air ForceAir Force Reserve Command

Question 8: In 1980, Buenoano took Michael out in a ________; the canoe rolled, and Michael, weighed down by his arm and leg braces, drowned.
Whitewater canoeingKayakWhitewater kayakingCanoe


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