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Question 1: Breakdown: In Your House finished with both ________ and Kane simultaneously pinning the WWF Champion Steve Austin.
Shawn MichaelsChris JerichoThe UndertakerPaul Wight

Question 2: The final two non-PPV matches were The Godfather using a thrust kick on Faarooq before pinning him and ________ lost to Scorpio with a roll-up pin.
Jason ResoKevin NashRic FlairJeff Jarrett

Question 3: A second attempt at the driver was reversed into a cradle pin, allowing Christian to win the championship on his debut appearance, with ________) watching on from the back of the crowd.
Triple HChris JerichoPaul WightAdam Copeland

Question 4: Before the WWF Championship match began, ________ shook hands with Kane before special guest referee Steve Austin made his appearance.
Paul WightChris JerichoThe UndertakerShawn Michaels

Question 5: After both competitors made their way to the ring for the first televised bout, Jeff Jarrett came to the ring, trying to goad ________ into a match.
Chris JerichoRob Van DamAl SnowGlenn Jacobs

Question 6: The next night on Raw, Venis responded by showing Runnels one of his films, The Preacher's Wife, which showed Venis with Runnels' wife, ________.
Terri RunnelsMatt HardyChris JerichoBooker Huffman

Question 7: As a result, ________ took the belt, declaring it his.
Glenn JacobsThe UndertakerVince McMahonTriple H

Question 8: Despite being announced as with D'Lo Brown, Mark Henry entered the ring on his own and dedicated a poem to ________.
Chris JerichoGlenn JacobsTriple HChyna

Question 9: The first of five championship matches, for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, started with the champion ________ kicking Christian out of the ring and flooring him with a suicide top rope crossbody.
Jushin LigerYoshihiro TajiriChris BenoitTaka Michinoku

Question 10: At this point ________ walked to the ring with a chair, persuading Kane to let him hit The Undertaker, but in fact hitting Kane, not effecting Kane in the slightest.
Mick FoleyPaul BearerStone Cold Steve AustinGlenn Jacobs


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