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Question 1: This is a historical artifact from when the superior trial court in common law jurisdictions was called the "supreme court" (which still exists in some jurisdictions, such as ________).
BarbadosCanadaUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 2:
What type is thing is Judge?

Question 3:
When was Judge formed?
Usually experience as an advocate

Question 4: Circuit Judges and ________ are addressed as "Your Honour" and district judges and tribunal judges are addressed as "Sir/Madam".
OboeCor anglais (English horn)RecorderBassoon

Question 5: American judges have ceremonial gavels, although American judges have court deputies or bailiffs and "________" power as their main devices to maintain decorum in the courtroom.
Justice of the peaceContempt of courtTrial (law)Crime

Question 6: In the ________ (and much of the Commonwealth) judges of the higher courts are addressed as "My Lord" or "My Lady" and referred to as "Your Lordship" or "Your Ladyship".
Courts of England and WalesJudicial Committee of the Privy CouncilLaw of the United KingdomSupreme Court of the United Kingdom

Question 7: ________" (Monsieur le président/Madame le président).
PresidentPrime ministerOfficial residenceUnited States

Question 8: The justices of the supreme courts usually hold higher offices than the justice of the peace, a judge who holds police court in some ________ and who typically tries small claims and misdemeanors.
Forum non conveniensLis alibi pendensJurisdictionForum shopping

Question 9: In ________, judges of all courts are addressed as "Your Honour", however the Chief Justice is addressed as "Your Lordship".
MaldivesPakistanSri LankaMalaysia

Question 10: In ________, judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts are addressed as 'Your Lordship'/'My Lord' and 'Your Ladyship'/'My Lady', a tradition directly attributable to England.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingIndiaLok Sabha

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