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Judeo-Christian: Quiz


Question 1: Feldman identifies talk of Judeo–Christian tradition as ________
New Covenant TheologySupersessionismChristianity and JudaismCovenant theology

Question 2: ________ — term used to describe people that taught that Christians must keep the law of Moses
Jewish ChristiansChristianity and JudaismJudaizersDidache

Question 3: Judeo-Christo-Islamic — a term used to describe common elements in Judaism, Christianity and Islam; this is normally called ________.
JesusAbrahamic religionsBahá'í FaithSamaritan

Question 4: The scriptural basis for this new positive attitude towards Jews among Evangelicals is Genesis 12:3, in which God promises that He will bless those who bless ________ and his descendants, and curse those who curse them; see also Abrahamic Covenant.

Question 5: The study finds the term now most likely to be used by liberals in connection with discussions of Muslim and Islamic inclusion in America, and renewed debate about the ________.
Biblical canonCriticism of IslamSecularismSeparation of church and state

Question 6: Judeo-Islamic — term used to refer to the common cultural elements and backgrounds of ________.
AntisemitismIslam and JudaismTorahKabbalah

Question 7: ________ — term used to describe those who believe that Christians are not subject to laws
New CovenantCircumcision controversy in early ChristianityAntinomianismBiblical law in Christianity

Question 8: A message from the president by ________, an expert on the Middle East conflict at American Congress for Truth
IsraelDaniel PipesBrigitte GabrielIslamism

Question 9: In the American context, historians use the term Judeo–Christian to refer to the influence of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament on Protestant thought and values, most especially the Puritan, Presbyterian and ________ heritage.
ChristianityEcumenismEvangelicalismProtestant Reformation

Question 10: Usage has shifted again, according to Hartmann et al., since 2001 and the ________, with the mainstream media using the term less, in order to characterize America as multicultural.
Al-QaedaUnited Airlines Flight 93Osama bin LadenSeptember 11 attacks

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