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Judaizers: Quiz


Question 1: The Judaizing teachers were a group of Jewish Christians who taught that converts to ________ must first be circumcised (i.e.
Christian denominationEcumenismBaptistChristianity

Question 2: Writings
Gospel of Matthew
Epistle of James
Gospel of the Ebionites
Gospel of the Hebrews
Gospel of the Nazoraeans
Liturgy of St James
John the BaptistClementine literatureSaint PeterSimon Magus

Question 3: The Synod of Elvira[10] of around 306 prohibited Christians from marrying, worshipping with, or publicly eating with ________, Pagans and Heretics.
AntisemitismJewsSephardi JewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 4: Against this view, ________'s Against Heresies 3.12 section 12 ridiculed those who think they are wiser than the Apostles because they were still under Jewish influence.
IrenaeusJustin MartyrHistory of the Catholic ChurchJerome

Question 5: These groups taught that Gentile followers of ________ needed to become Jewish proselytes and by so doing also observe the various requirements of the written Torah.
New TestamentGospelNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeJesus

Question 6: Adversity
List of events in early Christianity
Paul of Tarsus and Judaism
Christian anti-semitism
Bar Kokhba Revolt
Aelia Capitolina
Emperor Constantine
AntinomianismCircumcision controversy in early ChristianityNew CovenantBiblical law in Christianity

Question 7: Many of his letters included in the ________ (the Pauline epistles) contain considerable material disputing the view of this group and condemning its practitioners.
JesusNew TestamentGospelBiblical canon

Question 8: This conflict between Saint Paul and his opponents was the reason for the ________ (see Acts 15:1-35).
Council of JerusalemDevelopment of the New Testament canonPaul of TarsusHistory of Christianity

Question 9: This of itself shows that it is a mistake to reckon Marcion among the ________.

Question 10: The issue was an early source of controversy in the church of and came to a head during the ________.
History of ChristianityCouncil of JerusalemPaul of TarsusDevelopment of the New Testament canon


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