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Question 1: ________ • Magazines • News agencies • Broadcast • Online • Photojournalism • Alternative media
DefamationMedia biasNewspaperNews media

Question 2: Fourth Estate • Fifth Estate • ________ • Infotainment • Media bias • Public relations • Yellow journalism
DefamationFreedom of the pressBlogState media

Question 3: The phrase originated in an e-mail of July 11, 2003, from Cooper to his Time bureau chief, referring to a conversation with ________.
John McCainJohn KerryGeorge W. BushKarl Rove

Question 4: News • Writing style • Ethics • Objectivity • Values • Attribution • ________ • Editorial independence • Education • Other topics
Fair commentFalse lightDefamationHazing

Question 5: In compliance with a court order, the magazine released Cooper's notes, breaking Rove's ________.
Crypto-anarchismPseudonymityAnonymous P2PAnonymity

Question 6: In journalism, a source is a person, publication, or other record or document that gives ________.
Electrical engineeringSystems engineeringInformationArtificial intelligence

Question 7: It was coined by ________ reporter Matthew Cooper in July 2005, during the controversy over the public disclosure of CIA operative Valerie Plame.
Time (magazine)NewsweekNational ReviewThe New Yorker

Question 8: "Chatham House Rule(s)": Named after ________ (the Royal Institute of International Affairs), which introduced the rule in 1927:
Gordon BrownCouncil on Foreign RelationsMargaret ThatcherChatham House

Question 9: Professional ________ officers know that having the reporter repeat their words, rather than being on the air themselves, will blunt the impact of their words.
Media biasBlogPublic relationsCitizen journalism

Question 10: Cooper stated[7] the phrase was "a play on a reference to the film ________, in which John Belushi's wild Delta House fraternity is placed on Double Secret Probation".
National Lampoon (magazine)Going the Distance (2004 film)National Lampoon's Animal HouseNational Lampoon's Pledge This!


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