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Question 1: It varies by region, having characterstic a form in Valencia, ________, Castile, Navarra, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and Murcia.
Castile and LeónCataloniaAndalusiaAragon

Question 2: ________, Hungarian pianist and composer (1811-1886), wrote a jota for piano.
Frédéric ChopinRichard WagnerHector BerliozFranz Liszt

Question 3: The steps have an appearance not unlike that of the ________, though in the case of the jota, there is much more variation.
Viennese WaltzWaltzJigBallroom dance

Question 4: ________, Russian composer (1804-1857), After traveling through Spain, used a style derived from the jota in his work The Aragonese Jota.
Alexander PushkinMikhail LermontovMikhail GlinkaVasily Zhukovsky

Question 5: In Valencia, the jota was once danced during ________ ceremonies.
CremationDeathBurialDeath and culture

Question 6: For their interpretation, guitars, bandurrias, lutes, dulzaina, and drums are used in the Castilian style, while the Galicians use ________, drums, and bombos.
Pipe bandGreat Highland BagpipeUilleann pipesBagpipes

Question 7: The content of the songs is quite diverse, from ________ to religion to sexual exploits.
United StatesPatriotismSpainItaly

Question 8: The jota is a dance known throughout Spain, most likely originating in ________.
CataloniaAragonAndalusiaCastile and León


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