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Question 1: In ________, a Stalinist Empire Style (basically, updated neoclassicism on a very large scale, exemplified by the Seven Sisters of Moscow) replaced the constructivism of the 1920s.
ArchitectureArchitectural theoryEuropeItaly

Question 2:
Where did Joseph Stalin die?
Moscow, Russia

Question 3: Stalin may have married a third wife, Rosa Kaganovich, the sister of ________.
Nikita KhrushchevSymon PetliuraLazar KaganovichStanislav Kosior

Question 4:
Who was the successor of Joseph Stalin?

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Joseph Stalin have?
Articles and topics related to Vandals
20x, Related topics
Articles and topics related to The Cleveland Show
Articles and topics related to Joseph Stalin

Question 6:
How is Joseph Stalin described?
Dictator of the Soviet Union
Dictator and head of state of Spain
Soviet poet, singer-songwriter and dissident
New Zealand rugby union player and captain

Question 7:
What state is Joseph Stalin associated with?

Question 8: Many religions popular in the ethnic regions of the Soviet Union including the Roman Catholic Church, ________, Baptists, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, etc.
Roman Catholic theologyEast–West SchismEastern Catholic ChurchesLatin Rite

Question 9:
When did Joseph Stalin die?

Question 10: [144] Stalin insisted that, after the war, the Soviet Union should incorporate the portions of Poland it occupied pursuant to the ________ with Germany, which Churchill tabled.
Molotov–Ribbentrop PactJoseph StalinWinter WarEastern Bloc

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