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Question 1: When Hitler said he approved of what was happening, Goebbels took this as authorization to organize a massive, nationwide ________ against the Jews.

Question 2: The conflict was not, so they thought, with Hitler, but with his lieutenants, Rudolf Hess, ________ and Hermann Esser, who, they said, were mismanaging the party in Hitler’s absence.
Alfred RosenbergJoachim von RibbentropJulius StreicherHermann Göring

Question 3: The ________ city government obliged in 1927 with an eight-month ban on the party, which Goebbels exploited to the limit.
Social democracyMarxismSocialist InternationalDemocratic socialism

Question 4:
Who of the following was a predecessor of Joseph Goebbels?
Harry Barlos
British Socialist Party
Communist Party (BSTI)
office created

Question 5:
When did Joseph Goebbels die?

Question 6:

Question 7:

Question 8: He recognized that the growth in Nazi support at the 1930 elections had mainly come from the ________ and from farmers, and he was now busy building bridges to the upper middle classes and to German business.
Social classUpper classMiddle classWorking class

Question 9:
Which is currently the premier party of Joseph Goebbels?
National Socialist German Workers Party
National Socialist German Workers' Party
German Vu00F6lkisch Freedom Party,
German National People's Party

Question 10: There they could be worked into extinction in accordance with the plan agreed on at the ________ convened by Heydrich in January.
Adolf HitlerHeinrich HimmlerWannsee ConferenceThe Holocaust

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