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Question 1: Banks was made a ________ in 1781,[5] three years after being elected president of the Royal Society.
Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy CouncilBaronetHereditary peerDame (title)

Question 2: The three early governors, ________, John Hunter, and Philip Gidley King, were continually in correspondence with him.
SydneyArthur PhillipJames CookNorfolk Island

Question 3: The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks, 1768-1771. -- ________

Question 4: Archival material relating to Joseph Banks listed at the UK ________
The National ArchivesJudicial Appointments CommissionMinistry of Justice (United Kingdom)Lord Chancellor

Question 5: In July of the same year he and Daniel Solander visited the Isle of Wight, the western islands of Scotland and ________[5] aboard Sir Lawrence and returned with many botanical specimens.

Question 6: Banks was also the leading founder of the ________, a British organization dedicated to the exploration of Africa, and a member of the Society of Dilettanti, which helped to establish the Royal Academy.
MoroccoAfrican AssociationSlaveryUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Also in 1779 Banks took a lease on, and eventually bought outright, a house with thirty-four acres along the northern side of the London Road, ________.

Question 8: It was Banks's own time in Australia, however, that led to his interest in the British ________ of that continent.

Question 9: Banks was promptly appointed to a joint Royal Navy/Royal Society scientific expedition to the south ________ on HM Bark Endeavour, 1768—1771.
Arctic OceanAtlantic OceanPacific OceanIndian Ocean

Question 10: 10-ISBN 0-879-23930-1; 13-ISBN 978-0-879-23930-5 (cloth)]; [reprinted by ________, 1997 10-ISBN 0-226-61628-2; 13-ISBN 978-0-226-61628-5 (paper)]
Doc FilmsUniversity of Chicago PressMaclean HallChicago school of economics

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