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Question 1: ________ was the guest of honor at the wedding.
SchutzstaffelAdolf HitlerNazi PartyNazi Germany

Question 2: Terboven was made Oberpräsident der ________ in 1935 and earned a reputation as a petty and ruthless ruler.
Halle-MerseburgPrussiaRhine ProvinceHesse-Nassau

Question 3: He died alongside the body of Obergruppenführer Wilhelm Rediess, SS and Police Leader and commander of all ________ troops in Norway, who had shot himself earlier.
Adolf HitlerSchutzstaffelWaffen-SSNazi Party

Question 4: On June 29, 1934, Terboven married Ilse Stahl, ________' former secretary and mistress.
Nazi PartyAdolf HitlerHeinrich HimmlerJoseph Goebbels

Question 5: Dropping out of the university in 1923, Terboven joined the NSDAP with member number 25247 and participated in the abortive ________ in Munich.
Adolf HitlerMein KampfDer Sieg des GlaubensBeer Hall Putsch

Question 6: See ________ and Telavåg.
Legal purge in Norway after World War IIThe Holocaust in NorwayMartial law in Trondheim in 1942Carl Gustav Fleischer

Question 7: He studied law and political science at the universities of Munich and ________, where he first got involved in politics.
UlmHeilbronnStuttgartFreiburg im Breisgau

Question 8: He also planned to set up concentration camps in Norway, establishing ________ near Levanger and Bredtvet concentration camp in Oslo in late 1941.
Grini concentration campFalstad concentration campAuschwitz concentration campJosef Terboven

Question 9: He was made Reichskommissar of ________ on April 24, 1940, even before the military invasion was completed on 7 June 1940.
PolandUnited StatesNorwayGermany

Question 10: Terboven nervetheless remained in charge of Norway until 1945, even after the proclamation of the ________.
Gerhardsen's First CabinetNygaardsvold's CabinetAdministrative Council (Norway)Quisling regime

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