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José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia: Quiz


Question 1: He made ________ subject to high taxation and restrictions, insisting he personally conduct all weddings.
PolyamoryFamilyMarriageRomance (love)

Question 2: He aimed to found a society on the principles of Rousseau's Social Contract and was also inspired by ________ and Napoleon.
National ConventionLouis Antoine de Saint-JustMaximilien RobespierreFrench Revolution

Question 3: He outlawed all opposition and abolished the ________ and established a secret police force.
Spanish InquisitionInquisitionCrusadesReconquista

Question 4: Born in Yaguarón, he became a doctor of ________ and master of philosophy.

Question 5: Paraguayan author ________ wrote a book based on the life of Francia entitled Yo, el Supremo (I, the Supreme).
Augusto Roa BastosDictator novelLatin American BoomLatin America

Question 6: José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia y Velasco (January 6, 1766 – September 20, 1840) was the first leader of ________ following its independence from Spain.


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