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Joint Light Tactical Vehicle: Quiz


Question 1:
Who designed Joint Light Tactical Vehicle?
U.S. Army
Jeremy Tankard
Mike Edwards

Question 2:
Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, Ferrari 458 Italia and Ford Fiesta are all:
Upcoming automobiles All wheel drive vehicles Armoured personnel carriers Off-road vehicles

Question 3:
What type is thing is Joint Light Tactical Vehicle?
Eight-wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier
Hurdy-gurdy that uses a rosined wheel to create sound
eight-wheeled amoured car
4-wheeled armored fighting vehicles

Question 4: The future family of vehicles will comprise five armored versions, ranging from ________, command vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, and armored utility vehicles.
BTR-3Infantry fighting vehicleBTR-80BTR-90

Question 5: ________, BAE Systems Mobility & Protection Systems, Alcoa Defense and JWF Industries.
Titan (rocket family)Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin U.K.United Space Alliance

Question 6: Heavy Guns Carrier: Heavy Guns Carrier for use by the US Army and Marine Corps for convoy escort, ________, and patrol with four seats and a gunner position.
Military policeUnited States armed forcesProvost (military police)Norway

Question 7: General Dynamics and ________ (as 'General Tactical Vehicles')[5]
New Flyer IndustriesGMC (automobile)AM GeneralFord Motor Company

Question 8:
Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, Jeep Wrangler and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle are all:
Upcoming automobiles Off-road vehicles All wheel drive vehicles Armoured personnel carriers

Question 9: ________, Textron and Millenworks[3][4]
BoeingMcDonald'sKraft FoodsCaterpillar Inc.

Question 10:
Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, Bugatti Veyron and Honda Civic are all:
All wheel drive vehicles Armoured personnel carriers Off-road vehicles Upcoming automobiles


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