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Joint European Torus: Quiz


Question 1: Its main purpose is to open the way to future nuclear fusion experimental reactors such as ________ and DEMO.
ITERJoint European TorusFusion powerKSTAR

Question 2: Work has now begun on ________ to further develop fusion power.
Nuclear fusionJoint European TorusDEMOITER

Question 3: Pending construction of ________, JET remains the only large fusion reactor with facilities dedicated to handling the radioactivity released from D-T fusion.
DEMOFusion powerNuclear fusionITER

Question 4: Visible/UV/________ spectrometers – temperatures and densities
Nuclear fusionIonizing radiationX-rayRadiation therapy

Question 5: JET, the Joint European Torus is the largest man-made magnetic confinement ________ experiment currently in operation.
PlutoniumFusion powerPlasma (physics)Nuclear fusion

Question 6: JET is equipped with remote handling facilities to cope with the radioactivity produced by ________-Tritium (D-T) fuel, which is the fuel proposed for the first generation of fusion power plants.

Question 7: For most of 2004 it was shut down for a series of major upgrades increasing total available heating power to over 40 MW, enabling further studies relevant to the development of ________ to be undertaken.
Nuclear fusionFusion powerDEMOITER

Question 8: JET operated throughout 2003 culminating in experiments using small amounts of ________.
TritiumNeutronHydrogenNuclear fusion

Question 9: Wall material: Primarily carbon fibre composite, ________ coated.

Question 10: In the future it is possible that JET-EP (Enhanced Performance) will further increase the record for ________.
Fusion powerAneutronic fusionPlutoniumNuclear fusion


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