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Question 1: He is a quadruple ________ who has also lost his eyes, ears, mouth and nose.
AmputationSurgeryUnited StatesICD-9-CM Volume 3

Question 2: At the end of the film, Joe tries to communicate to his doctors, via ________, and wishes for the Army to put him in a glass coffin in a freak show as a demonstration of the horrors of war, or kill him.
ISO/IEC 8859-13ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-16Morse code

Question 3: Johnny Got His Gun at the ________
CDNOWAmazon.comBox Office MojoInternet Movie Database

Question 4: The music video for ________'s 1988 song "One" included many clips and dialogue from the film.
Enter SandmanMetallicaJames HetfieldKill 'Em All

Question 5: Johnny Got His Gun (2008 version) at the ________
CDNOWInternet Movie DatabaseBox Office

Question 6: He also forms a bond, of sorts, with a young nurse (________) who senses his plight.
Return to Peyton Place (film)Carolyn JonesDiane VarsiClark Gable

Question 7: Joe Bonham (Bottoms), a young American soldier hit by an artillery shell on the last day of ________, lies in a hospital bed.
Caucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWorld War IWestern Front (World War I)

Question 8: ________ - Orator (as Robert Cole)
Stanley KubrickJohnny Got His GunHollywood blacklistDalton Trumbo

Question 9: The film was released on ________ in the U.S on April 28, 2009 via Shout! Factory with special features.
DVDHD DVDBlu-ray DiscLaserdisc

Question 10: Johnny Got His Gun is a 1971 anti-war film based on the novel of the same name written and directed by ________ and starring Timothy Bottoms, Jason Robards, and Donald Sutherland.
Communist Party USAHollywood blacklistDalton TrumboStanley Kubrick


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