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Question 1:
Where was John the Apostle born?
Galilee, Durham
Montgomery, Alabama, United Statesn, hometown = Durham, NC
Haswell, County Durham, England
Consett, County Durham, England

Question 2:
When is John the Apostle's birthday?
c. 6 AD

Question 3:
When did John the Apostle die?
c. 100

Question 4:
What mountain range is John the Apostle a part of?
Adjacent tower
White 12 nmi, Red 10 nmi

Question 5:

Question 6: 100) was one of the Twelve Apostles of ________.
JesusNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospelNew Testament

Question 7: They originally were fishermen and fished with their father in the ________.
IsraelPalestineSea of GalileeJordan

Question 8: The tradition about Mary's tomb in Ephesus emanated mostly after 1841, based on the visions of German Augustinian nun ________.
Catholic ChurchPope Pius XIIAnne Catherine EmmerichPope John Paul II

Question 9: He was first a disciple of ________ and later one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.
Zechariah (priest)John the BaptistYahya ibn ZakariyyaSaint Peter

Question 10: In Orthodox ________, he is often depicted looking up into heaven and dictating his Gospel (or the Book of Revelation) to his disciple, traditionally named Prochorus.
Byzantine IconoclasmByzantine EmpireHagia SophiaIcon

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