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John of the Cross: Quiz


Question 1: Dark Night of the Soul (from which the spiritual term takes its name) narrates the journey of the soul from her bodily home to her union with ________.

Question 2:
Where was John of the Cross born?

Question 3: The Spiritual Canticle is an eclogue in which the bride (representing the ________) searches for the bridegroom (representing Jesus Christ), and is anxious at having lost him; both are filled with joy upon reuniting.

Question 4: Saint Raphael Kalinowski, the first friar to be canonized (in 1991 by Pope ________) in the Order of Discalced Carmelites since Saint John of the Cross
Pope Pius XICatholic ChurchPope Paul VIPope John Paul II

Question 5:
When did John of the Cross die?

Question 6: León was one of the foremost experts in Biblical Studies then and had written an important and controversial translation of the ________ into Spanish.
EcclesiastesPsalmsSong of SongsBook of Esther

Question 7: He is one of the thirty-three ________.
Doctor of the ChurchHistory of the Catholic ChurchEast–West SchismTimeline of Christianity

Question 8: After returning to a normal life, he went on with the reformation and the founding of monasteries for the new ________ order, which he had helped found along with his fellow St.
Dominican OrderDiscalced CarmelitesTrappistsCarthusian

Question 9: John also wrote four treatises on ________ theology, two treatises concerning the two poems above, which set out to explain the true meaning of the poems verse by verse and even word by word.

Question 10: When his feast day was inserted into the ________ in 1738, it was assigned at first to 24 November, since his date of death was impeded by the then existing octave of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Roman Catholic calendar of saintsGeneral Roman Calendar of 1954Tridentine CalendarGeneral Roman Calendar of 1962

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