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John of Denmark: Quiz


Question 1: Subsequently, John was crowned king of Denmark in ________ on 18 May, and king of Norway in Trondheim on 20 July.

Question 2: According to the Privilege of Ribe the Noble Diets of the duchies of ________ and Holstein were to elect a duke among the sons of the previous duke.
Duchy of SchleswigDenmarkSchleswig-HolsteinHistory of Schleswig-Holstein

Question 3: The three most important political goals of King John seem to have been the recovery of the union, fight against the ________ and the making of a strong Danish royal power.
GdańskHanseatic LeagueHamburgSzczecin

Question 4: He was born on 2 February 1455 as the son of ________ and Dorothea of Brandenburg, daughter of Margrave John of Brandenburg.
Christian I of DenmarkChristian II of DenmarkChristopher of BavariaJohn of Denmark

Question 5: Consequently, upon king Christian's death in May 1481, John's position was unchallenged in Denmark, whereas in Norway the Council of the Realm assumed royal authority, and an ________ ensued.
CoronationElective monarchyMonarchInterregnum

Question 6: This produced the following offspring: ________, Franciscus, Knud, and Elisabeth, who later married as princess of Brandenburg.
Christian II of DenmarkJohn of DenmarkChristian I of DenmarkChristopher of Bavaria

Question 7: After the 1493 treaty, ________ imprisoned all Hanseatic merchants trading in Novgorod and instigated the Russo-Swedish War (1496–1499).
Vasily II of MoscowIvan IV of RussiaVasili III of RussiaIvan III of Russia

Question 8: By diplomatic means he tried to weaken the position of the Swedish regent Sten Sture, and he also sought new allies – he was the first Danish king to have established a political co-operation with ________.
MoscowUnited StatesRussiaRussian culture


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