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John Wilkins: Quiz


Question 1: Works by John Wilkins at ________
Project GutenbergAmazon KindleProject Gutenberg AustraliaGoogle Books

Question 2: [16] A serious effort was made in 1668 to secure a scheme of comprehension, with William Bates, ________ and Thomas Manton for the dissenters meeting Wilkins and Hezekiah Burton.
First English Civil WarPuritanEdmund Calamy the ElderRichard Baxter

Question 3: Mercury, or the Secret and Swift Messenger (1641), the first English-language book on ________
SteganographyCryptographyEspionageSignals intelligence

Question 4: [21] This was a small work on ________; it may well have been influenced by Godwin's Nuncius inanimatus (1629).
Signals intelligenceSteganographyCryptographyEspionage

Question 5: The influence and ambitions of John Wilkins were an important thread in the historical fiction trilogy The Baroque Cycle by ________.
Neal StephensonSnow CrashQuicksilver (novel)Cryptonomicon

Question 6: He suffered in the ________, losing his vicarage, library and scientific instruments.
History of LondonCity of LondonTower of LondonGreat Fire of London

Question 7: Wilkins may have accompanied him on his return to ________.

Question 8: He died in London, most likely from the medicines used to treat his ________ and stoppage of urine.
Kidney stoneRenal tubular acidosisHematuriaHydronephrosis

Question 9: He was educated at Magdalen Hall (which later became Hertford College), ________, being tutored by John Tombes and graduating B.A.
PortsmouthBrighton and HoveOxfordSouthampton

Question 10: He became vicar of Polebrook, Northamptonshire, in 1666; prebendary of Exeter in 1667; and in the following year, prebendary of St Paul's and ________ of Chester.


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