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John Webster: Quiz


Question 1: In his poem "Whispers of Immortality," ________ memorably says that Webster always saw "the skull beneath the skin".
Four QuartetsThe Hollow MenT. S. EliotThe Waste Land

Question 2: These included a tragedy Caesar's Fall (written with Michael Drayton, Thomas Dekker, Thomas Middleton and ________), and a collaboration with Thomas Dekker Christmas Comes but Once a Year (1602).
Thomas Dekker (writer)Ben JonsonHenry ChettleAnthony Munday

Question 3: His later plays were collaborative city comedies: ________ (c.
Anything for a Quiet LifeJohn WebsterThomas Middleton1662 in literature

Question 4: He worked with Thomas Dekker again on two city comedies, Westward Ho in 1604 and ________ in 1605.
Eastward HoeGeorge EldA Trick to Catch the Old OneNorthward Ho

Question 5: He is believed to have contributed to the tragicomedy The Fair Maid of the Inn with John Fletcher, Ford, and ________.
Philip MassingerFrancis BarringtonRobert DaborneMarshalsea

Question 6: Also in 1604, he adapted ________'s The Malcontent for staging by the King's Men.
Ben JonsonWilliam ShakespeareBoy playerJohn Marston

Question 7: The eighteenth-century play The Fatal Secret by Lewis Theobald is a reworking of The Duchess of Malfi, imposing ________'s "unities" and a happy ending on the plot
AristotleEmpiricismBertrand RussellPlato

Question 8: Webster's quote Cover her face; mine eyes dazzle: she died young is used in the novel Queen of the Damned by ________, as well as in Sleeping Murder.
Anne RiceExit to EdenLasherTaltos (novel)

Question 9: John Webster at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseBox Office MojoAmazon.comCDNOW

Question 10: [2] Webster married the 17-year-old Sara Peniall on 18 March 1606, and their first child, John, was ________ at the parish of St Dunstan-in-the-West on 8 May 1606.
LutheranismProtestant ReformationInfant baptismBaptism

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