John T. Smith: Quiz

Question 1: claimed to be purebred Italians, the fact that Smothers and Rich were Southern and Smith was ________ made this claim obviously dubious.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African American cultureAfrican AmericanGreat Migration (African American)

Question 2: [1] Later, Smith began a lengthy feud with Hack Meyers, defeating him at ________ and Wrestlepalooza before losing to him at Holiday Hell.
Hardcore HeavenGuilty as ChargedNovember to RememberECW Heat Wave

Question 3: This successful gimmick continued, and resulted in the formation a faction known as the Full Blooded Italians along with Little Guido, Tracy Smothers and ________.
Jeff JarrettTommy RichRicky SteamboatRic Flair

Question 4: ________ turned this into a comedic storyline where Smith's injury and resulting concussion gave him mild brain damage, and he began believing he was Italian, even talking with an Italian accent.
Rob Van DamPaul HeymanAdam CopelandPaul Wight

Question 5: John T. "J.T." Smith[1][2] is an American professional wrestler, best known for his appearances in ________ in the 1990s.
World Wrestling EntertainmentExtreme Championship WrestlingAmerican Wrestling AssociationWorld Championship Wrestling

Question 6: members accompanied Little Guido to ringside as he faced Super Crazy and ________ in a three way dance, but were unable to prevent him from being pinned and eliminated by Tajiri.
Chris JerichoYoshihiro TajiriChris BenoitMatt Hardy

Question 7: Smith began his career in the ________-based Tri-State Wrestling Alliance, where his debut match occurred at Temple University in 1990 at McGonigle Hall as he wrestled to a draw with The Sandman.
PhiladelphiaHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaAllentown, PennsylvaniaPittsburgh

Question 8: In early 1991, scored an upset win over veteran ________ to win the Heavyweight Championship.
Smoky Mountain WrestlingBuddy LandelJim Crockett PromotionsProfessional wrestling

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