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Question 1: [24] Many of his books explore the analogies between the truth-seeking enterprises of science and religion, with a unifying philosophical outlook of ________.
PositivismEmpiricismCritical realismEpistemology

Question 2: He describes his view of the world as ________ and believes strongly that there is one world, with science and religion both addressing aspects of the same reality.
EmpiricismCritical realismPositivismEpistemology

Question 3: [6] From 1968 to 1979 he was Professor of Mathematical Physics at ________, and he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1974.
University of CambridgeUniversity of BristolUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Edinburgh

Question 4: John Polkinghorne KBE FRS (born October 16, 1930, in Weston-super-Mare, ________) is a British particle physicist and theologian.
ScotlandWalesUnited KingdomEngland

Question 5: ...A lecture by ________ is the only chapter that offers some theological reflection..." [31]
Billy GrahamCharles Taylor (philosopher)John PolkinghorneArthur Peacocke

Question 6: Taede A. Smedes Chaos, Complexity, and God: Divine Action and Scientism Louvain: Peeters 2004 – a theological investigation of Polkinghorne's (and ________'s) model of divine action.
Charles Taylor (philosopher)Arthur PeacockeJohn PolkinghorneBilly Graham

Question 7: He has written extensively on matters concerning science and faith, and was awarded the ________ in 2002.
Charles Hard TownesJohn PolkinghorneTempleton PrizeMother Teresa

Question 8: On Space and Time (CUP 2008) along with Andrew Taylor, Shahn Majid, ________, Alain Connes and Michael Heller ISBN 978-0521889261
Stephen HawkingAnthony James LeggettBenoît MandelbrotRoger Penrose

Question 9: Lecture on "Exchanges of Science and Religion" at the ________ - webcast available
Copley MedalGeorge PorterRoyal SocietyMichael Atiyah

Question 10: After 2 years as a Lecturer at the ________ he returned to Cambridge in 1958, and in 1968 was elected Professor of Mathematical Physics.
University of CambridgeUniversity of OxfordUniversity of EdinburghUniversity of Bristol


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