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Question 1: His work has been also heavily influenced by, among others, ________, P. F. Strawson, David Wiggins, and, especially, Wilfrid Sellars.
Ludwig WittgensteinGilbert RyleBertrand RussellPlato

Question 2: John Henry McDowell (born 1942 in Boksburg, ________) is a philosopher, formerly a fellow of University College, Oxford and now University Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.
South AfricaSierra LeoneCanadaMauritius

Question 3: McDowell's earliest published work was in ancient philosophy, most notably including a translation of and commentary on ________'s Theaetetus.
PlatoImmanuel KantBertrand RussellAristotle

Question 4: In the 1970s he was active in the Davidsonian project of providing a semantic theory for ________, co-editing (with Gareth Evans) a volume of essays entitled Truth and Meaning.
Natural languageAntónio DamásioPerceptionThought

Question 5: Although he has written extensively on metaphysics, epistemology, ________, and meta-ethics, McDowell's most influential work has been in the philosophy of mind and language.
Ancient philosophyAncient Greek philosophyAristotleHellenistic philosophy

Question 6: Both have been strongly influenced by ________, in particular Rorty's Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (1979).
Ludwig WittgensteinDonald Davidson (philosopher)Richard RortyPragmatism

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