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Question 1: [25] The book advocated activist economic policy by government to stimulate demand in times of high ________, for example by spending on public works.
Discouraged workerUnemploymentGap yearUnderemployment

Question 2: Its members included ________ founder Ludwig von Mises along with the then young Milton Friedman.
Lew RockwellFriedrich von HayekMurray RothbardAustrian School

Question 3:
Who of the following was a child of John Maynard Keynes?
July 1992
Max-Emanuel Ludwig Maria, Duke in Bavaria

Question 4: He also studied for his 1905 Tripos and 1906 ________ exams.
United States civil serviceCivil serviceImperial examinationHer Majesty's Civil Service

Question 5: ________, How I Became a Keynesian, The New Republic, 23 September 2009
Robert BorkRichard PosnerLaurence TribeLearned Hand

Question 6:
When was John Maynard Keynes born?

Question 7: [37] Keynesian ideas became so popular that some scholars point to Keynes as representing the ideals of modern liberalism, like ________ represented the ideals of classical liberalism.
Immanuel KantJeremy BenthamAdam SmithDavid Hume

Question 8: ________, which equals total un-hoarded income in a society, is defined by the sum of consumption and investment.
Aggregate demandKeynesian economicsReal versus nominal value (economics)Inflation

Question 9:

Question 10:
What is the nationality of John Maynard Keynes?

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