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Question 1: His sons, James and William Macarthur, followed in his footsteps and became important ________ owners and breeders.
Horse breedingArabian horseHorseThoroughbred

Question 2: [19] The Merinos, including three rams, were bought by several landowners, including ________.
Church Mission SocietySamuel MarsdenThomas KendallHongi Hika

Question 3: This trial led to the so-called ________, when the officers of the NSW Corps, who had been assigned to the court, sided with Macarthur and his allies: as a consequence, Bligh was overthrown by the Corps in a military coup on 26 January.
Thomas JamisonRum RebellionAustraliaWilliam Bligh

Question 4: John Macarthur (1766 – 11 April 1834[1]) was a soldier, entrepreneur, politician and pioneer of the Australian ________ industry.

Question 5: Sir ________, however, was not impressed with either Macarthur or his commercial venture.
James CookJoseph BanksEnglandAustralia

Question 6: [7] Ensuing negotiations with the War Office resulted in an alternative posting to far-away Sydney, with the ________ in 1789.
New South Wales CorpsGeorge Johnston (New South Wales)Rum RebellionArthur Phillip

Question 7: Wool also had a ready market in England because the ________ had increased demand and cut English cloth-makers off from their traditional source of quality wool, Spain.
Napoleonic WarsGrande ArméeFirst French EmpireNapoleon I

Question 8: In recognition of his contribution to Australian agriculture, Macarthur was honoured by a ________ issued on the centenary of his death in 1934 (depicting a merino ram).
MailAirmail stampPostage stampStamp collecting

Question 9: Governor ________ was appointed, with backing by Sir Joseph Banks, to crack down on the commercial activities of the NSW Corps, especially their trade in alcohol.
Mutiny on the BountyHoratio Nelson, 1st Viscount NelsonWilliam BlighJames Cook

Question 10: In 1782, John Macarthur was commissioned as an ensign in Fish's Corps, a regiment of the British Army formed to serve in the ________.
American RevolutionNew York and New Jersey campaignMilitary history of the United StatesAmerican Revolutionary War


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