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John Locke (Lost): Quiz


Question 1:
What did John Locke (Lost) do for a living?
Public affairs
physician, retired
Box Company Office Worker
Social welfare volunteer, congresswoman

Question 2:
Where did John Locke (Lost) take place?

Question 3: Johnathan "John" Locke is a ________ played by Terry O'Quinn on the ABC television series Lost.
SatirePoetryCharacter (arts)Novel

Question 4: [3] Locke becomes very depressed and eventually seeks group therapy, where he meets his future girlfriend Helen (________).
FuturamaKatey SagalMarried... with ChildrenFuturama: Bender's Big Score

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did John Locke (Lost) have?
Eighth Lock
John Locke
Windsor Locks Public Schools
"Injection Locking and Pulling"

Question 6:
When is John Locke (Lost)'s birthday?

Question 7: Ben escapes and they enter the Orchid station together, only to discover that the mercenary leader, ________ (Kevin Durand) survived his encounter with Ben and followed him back.
Lost (season 4)Lost (TV series)Meet Kevin JohnsonMartin Keamy

Question 8: Locke visits Sayid, ________ (Malcolm David Kelley), Hurley, Kate and Jack, and unsuccessfully tells them all (with the exception of Walt) that they must return to the Island.
Walt LloydMichael Dawson (Lost)Kate AustenLost (season 2)

Question 9:
What is John Locke (Lost) also known as?
Pigtailed Girl, by Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno
Jeremy Bentham
Airen, by Shampoo
Mike Andrews

Question 10: Because of this incident and ________'s (Dominic Monaghan) warning, the survivors split into two groups, with those believing the people from the freighter to be dangerous joining Locke.
Through the Looking Glass (Lost)Lost (season 1)Charlie PaceLost (TV series)


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